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A decade ago, all you needed to do as a business owner was have a website for people to visit. If you didn't have a website, you were doing your company and your customers a disservice. At that time, most customers booted up Google and searched for a business type or service provider in the area. As long as you had a few basic keywords dropped on your website, you were good to go. Those days are long gone.

While it is still extremely important for you to have a well-made website that continues to take advantage of search engine optimization, more so now than ever before, you need to take advantage of social media profiles. A growing percentage of potential customers are abandoning search engines and instead are looking for businesses through social platforms. What social platform? It depends on the demographic of your customer as well as the services you offer. So, if you want to excel in the modern business world, it is important to take advantage of our social media marketing services Charlotte NC expertise.

Industries We Serve

Here at SEO Company Charlotte, we want to make sure you receive the highest quality of service from our social media marketing team. In order to thrive on social media accounts, you need to not only post local content but you also want the material to be dedicated specifically to your industry. While other social media marketing service providers might be located elsewhere in the country, we focus specifically on not only Charlotte, North Carolina, but also a handful of industries. This way, we can dedicate our time to understanding all the latest trends and changes within your given industry and then advertise accordingly. It's just one of the things that helps us stand apart. Some of the industries we focus on include:

Dental SEO

Law Firm SEO

Home Services SEO

Plastic Surgeon SEO

How To Grow Your Business Through Social Media

Social media marketing is broken down into two individual categories. The first is to build up your social media account and grow your following. The second is to properly place your advertisements in order to maximize exposure to your target audience while also generating the largest return on investment for the ads.

We don't simply focus on Facebook or LinkedIn. The truth is you need to focus on the social media platform your customers are using. If you are going after a younger crowd in their late 20s who are newly professional, posting everything to LinkedIn and Twitter likely isn't your best option. You might be surprised as to just how influential platforms like TikTok can be to the younger crowd.

Regardless of the social media platform that works best for your business and your target audience, we can help you set up a posting schedule, create marketing materials, and draw more attention to your advertisements. When done right, social media marketing can deliver impressive returns on investments.

About The Top Charlotte Social Media Agency

We are not a one-trick pony. We don't only focus on improving SEO or boosting your PPC marketing on Google. The last thing you want is to partner with a half dozen different Internet marketers. You want everything handled under one roof. Here at SEO Company Charlotte, we don't just offer you all the online marketing services you need. Still, we're also local, which makes it easier to help incorporate local events, news, and activities directly into your social media profiles.

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If you have not yet fully leaned into the world of social media, you are likely missing out on all kinds of potential customers and repeat clients. Even if you have a social media presence, you might not fully take advantage of it. It can prove challenging to know what social media account is right for you, not to mention how to attract new customers best. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok, there are all kinds of social platforms you need to consider starting up and advertising on. With our SEO Charlotte social media agency services, we can help you grow your following, increase your brand awareness, and boost sales.

The best way to get started is to first schedule a consultation with our team here at SEO Company Charlotte. From Charlotte social media marketing to new search engine optimization of your website and everything else in between, we are here for you. So reach out to our Charlotte social media advertising company today.