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Establishing your online footprint is relatively straightforward, but it isn't as simple as tossing on a website and starting a Facebook page. There are so many other avenues you need to follow in order to stay on top of your industry. When someone is in need of dental services, or they require at-home assistance, you want your firm to be there to offer all the information and help they might need, however, they might try to look.

There is actually a vast difference between how different generations search for information. Older generations might search for a website, while those fresh out of college and starting their careers might skip websites and instead head over to their social media platform of choice. Thankfully, to help, SEO Company Charlotte provides a number of services to help you capitalize on any search or online marketing need, regardless of how potential clients, patients, and customers search.


To address all of those web-based searches, you need to rank well on Google. As the leading search engine, most people still turn to Google for help rather than anywhere else. It also means a website ranking number one in "Charlotte area divorce attorneys" will see far more Web traffic than one that ranks fifth.

So how can you drive additional traffic to your website? With the help of search engine optimization, or SEO. Thankfully, gone are the days where website admins could copy and paste a specific keyword onto the bottom of a website, or a writer needed to pump that phrase into a blog post a dozen times. Now, it's all about creating quality, content and understanding keywords.

Trying to stay on top of this on your own is time-consuming, particularly because Google is always tweaking its search engine analytics. Thankfully, this is not something you need to worry about. Our Charlotte SEO specialists will tackle the task instead.

Web Design

Did you know the overall quality of your website has a direct impact on its Google rankings? It's true. Suppose your website is not optimized for mobile devices. In that case, Google will automatically boot you far down on mobile search results (not to mention, don't you just hate pulling up a website on your phone only to be forced to pan, scan, zoom, and fiddle with the screen just to read the information? Well, your potential clients hate this as well).

Second, load time is important as well. Google wants websites to load quickly. That's the main reason why the Google home page is one of the fastest-loading websites on the Internet. It's nothing but a small logo and a search bar. While your website doesn't need to be this minimal, it does need to load quickly. Both your clients and Google will appreciate this. We can help with it.


Advertising is important. Especially if you are a newly established dental office or plastic surgery doctor. If you're just starting out (or, at the very least, just starting out with building your Internet presence), it can be a challenge to reach the very top of search engine rankings simply because other websites you're competing with might have dozens, if not hundreds, of blog posts and thousands of backlinks. To offset this, you can focus on some advertising.

Online advertising is often done via a method known as pay-per-click, or PPC. With this, you pay a specific amount for given keywords. Knowing what keywords to use and how to best select well-performing keywords that are not overpriced is important, as it will drive business while saving you money. Help with PPC is just a phone call away.

Social Media

Younger generations are now turning to social media platforms for the bulk of their information, which includes searching out businesses. This means you need to have a strong social media presence as well.

However, it's more than just Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Depending on your target audience and key demographic, you will need to build up your Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or YouTube social channels. While social media is not necessarily the only digital marketing channel you will want to deploy, it complements your SEO and PPC campaigns. And who knows, maybe you go viral?

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a standing classic in the world of online marketing. Email marketing is inexpensive and effective. It also lets you reach a larger number of people with the click of a button. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this high-return marketing channel if you could share important business updates, promotions, and more directly to your target audience's email?

We can help you not only build your email list, but we can help draft marketing emails for various groups within your email list.

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